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Habytat is the ultimate metaverse experience that offers free NFT deeded land and houses that you own. Featuring realistic looking art, daily rewards, games, and new utilities that further enhance our virtual world experience to make it fun, useful, and social.


HabyPets are Here! Check in daily to help them learn and grow as you raise them. Powered by Artificial Intelligence.



By creating your account, you have secured your NFT-Deeded Property in the Habytat. All you need to do is login to Habytat just 5 times in the first month and your NFT-Deed will be permanently registered on the Polygon Blockchain. Your property is represented by a digital deed that can be found in your wallet in settings found by pressing your avatar icon, then the gear icon.

  • Please be sure to know the Terms and Conditions.
  • Be cordial and friendly with other HABYTAT users.
  • Tolerance and good coexistence for this new platform that grows every day.

You can change your username, update your setting and information by clicking the gear icon.

It’s very simple to change your Avatar or update your outfit. Just click the customize button and use your imagination.

It is the digital money of HABYTAT, with which you can purchase items and discover new experiences and events. Earn Nirads every day by simply completing tasks such as spinning the wheel or treasure hunts. You may also purchase them.

After 6 months of activity in the Habytat, you will be able to trade, sell and upgrade your property.

Coming Soon

Habytat Pets

Adopt a puppy or kitten in the Habytat, then raise it until it matures into a loving adult that is uniquely yours. Powered by our AI, teach your pet to love and listen to you. Maybe one day it will even talk to you…

Music District

Discover new musicians and established artists from around the world. Walk through the Music District and visit Studios where you can listen to their music, see live performances, and add songs to your Habytat playlist.

Virtual Reality

Habytat will be adding a completely immersive experience to explore the world and interact with others. Do things that you could only dream of in the real world.

The Family Museum

This new social media technology will gives us a new way to share, save and control our digital footprint.

AI for the Metaverse

Predictive AI engine that powers Habytat Pets, NPC’s and our interactive VR advertising platform.


Hang with friends, visit the dog park, and invite people to your house. A true social metaverse experience.

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